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Get your boat sold fast, the easy way. You won’t have to spend time putting together a listing for your boat. Or upload it to multiple websites. Or ring around the boat dealers trying to get the thing sold. Once you send us the details of your boat and go through our simple sales process we’ll have a red-hot offer for you within 24 hours!

Never At Risk of Getting Ripped Off Or Scammed

You won’t have to deal with strangers knocking at your door or ringing you in the middle of the night asking silly questions. Our entire process is simple, safe and secure plus we never share your details with anyone. Once you submit your boat, we will call you within 24 hours to make our best offer to purchase your boat.

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Our team of buyers will assess your boat and provide an offer to you within 24 hours. You don’t have to waste time shopping your boat around at different dealers, or haggling on price with private buyers trying to get the rock bottom price. You’ll get an offer from Boatcoin within 24 hours and have your boat sold fast!

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No need to haul your boat around to get it sold. We will come to you to complete the process. It doesn’t matter if your boat is in the water or on a trailer and it doesn’t matter where you are,  our convenient and hassle free service is Australia wide. It’s never been easier to sell your boat!

Save Yourself the Cost & Stress of Ongoing Maintenance

No more ongoing maintenance, save thousands of dollars on mooring, antifouling, insurance and registration cost. Reclaim that space in your garage or driveway, we can buy your boat within 24 hours.

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

I had my boat listed online for months, with little interest. Boatcoin bought my boat within 24 hours!

Marx Martin

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Not Sure About Something? These Are the Questions We Get Asked the Most…


How do I get paid when I sell my boat?
We will pay the agreed sale price into your account by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) when we collect your boat. As with all EFT payments, standard bank processing times apply. If you prefer, we can issue a bank cheque.
There is finance owing on the boat – can I still sell it?
Yes. You will need to obtain a letter from your finance company stating the balance still owing. Boatcoin will pay that amount to the finance company and the remaining amount to you. Please note: If the balance owing to the finance company exceeds the agreed price, we can assist with refinancing.
What do I need to provide to sell my boat?
We need to establish that the person selling the boat is its owner. That’s why we need you to have
the following:

  • Photo ID with your name and address. We recommend your driving license.
  • Registration papers
  • All sets of boat keys
  • Service log book
  • Bank account details that, the money is to be paid into.
    If your boat has any finance outstanding, we will require a letter with the balance owing from the
    finance company.
Can I sell a boat on behalf of someone else?
Yes. If you are selling on behalf of a relative or friend, you will need to provide the following:

  • A letter of authorization from the owner containing the bank account that the funds are to be paid into.
  • Photo ID with your name and address. We recommend your driving license.
  • A copy of Photo ID of the registered owner of the boat
  • Registration papers
  • All sets of boat keys
  • Service log book
  • Bank account details that, the money is to be paid into.
Will you collect my boat?
Yes. We’ll come and pick up your boat whether it’s in the water, on a trailer or not on a trailer – anywhere in Australia.
Do you buy damaged boats?
Yes. We’ll buy you boat if it needs repairs.
Will my personal details be kept private?
All information regarding your boat sale is treated confidentially, we will never sell your details to third parties.

The Outrageous Boatcoin Triple Guarantee System*

Here at Boatcoin we know you’ve probably been let down by false promises before. That’s why we developed our rock-solid triple guarantee system to ensure your satisfaction every time you use us.
Here’s how it works…

We guarantee to give you an offer for your boat within 24 hours

When you use Boatcoin you’ll get a red hot offer within 24 hours of our team assessing your boat so you can get it sold fast!

We guarantee you’ll have a safe and secure transaction

Your details will never be compromised, and you’ll never be at the risk of being scammed by shady characters. Once you agree to sell your boat to Boatcoin we will take care of the rest.

We guarantee a no mucking around, hassle-free transaction

We pride ourselves on being straightforward and easy to deal with. When we make an offer and your boat is presented as discussed, then that offer is the price we’ll buy your boat for – no mucking around!

In the unlikely event we don’t meet any of these criteria during your transaction we will pay for you to advertise your boat with one of our competitors until it’s sold. You can’t get much fairer than that!

Fill In Your Details Below Now & Get A Genuine Offer To You Within 24 Hours…Guaranteed!

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If the cost of collecting your boat exceeds the agreed price, we cannot purchase your boat.